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9 April 2022

The Charles Langham Series

Republished by Pharos Books, with striking new covers
We live in a world in crisis. A world where greed turns the wheels of the state. A world where environmental concerns take a back seat to the vast machine of global commerce.
Billionaire-eco-philanthropist Charles Langham is determined to change that. Langham implores the United Nations General Assembly to take a more active role in combating famine and the deforestation of rainforests, reversing extinction rates, and promoting alternative fuels.
But this environmental plea has teeth. Langham gives the U.N. one week to comply, or he will force their hand. U.S. President Mike Read, calling Langham an eco-terrorist, has found the excuse he needs to remove Langham from the equation. Permanently. Langham will stand against the might of a nation and uncover whatever sinister forces pull its strings.

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The first book Paul Nichols Novel - Murder By Truth 

The story of why I died


Paul Nichols was not your average family man. Born in New Zealand, he loved outdoor life, climbing mountains, trekking, camping, and survival. Trained by the Army and SAS he later joined special operations. During a mission to eradicate a drug-smuggling organization, the Minister decides he’s become a liability and must be removed. After the minister is killed, Paul is taken out. Why was he a liability and what secrets went to his grave?

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Coming Soon

Using real-life photographs, this is the continuing true story based on the daily lives of two rabbits who live in their owner’s home and are allowed freedom of the house and rear garden. This is bunny heaven! 


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