Murder By Truth - Book Review

7 April 2023

A 4 out of 5-star review received on 4th April on Online Book Club.

Paul is dead, and he left a message for his wife, Martina, on what led to his demise. Murder by Truth by Gary Paul Stephenson is a thriller about Paul's letters to his wife. Conveyed by his trusted lawyer, Mr. Seifert, Martina gets these letters containing the truth of her late husband's secret mission and his expected death. Paul, a New Zealander, was an only child after his mother lost his junior brother after birth. He was spoiled and received the best of everything. Surprisingly, without the consent of his parents, Paul joined the Army. He trained in the Special Air Services and Mossad. His obtained skill sets, abilities, and knowledge made him fit for the job.

Martina learns various things from these letters, from Paul's consistent duo, Jenkin and Arthur, to how the mission led to Paul meeting her, the love of his life. The unfolding secrets will puzzle readers. One would wonder why Paul's killers killed him as soon as mentioned in his first letter. The anonymity of the individuals that assigned him on the mission will also steer questions. What is Martina's reaction after reading Paul's letters? What happens after she finds out the truth?

Murder by Truth is a compelling narrative that comprises 19 chapters and about 240 pages. The story begins in Mr. Seifert's office with old decorations a day after Paul's funeral. The way Gary Paul Stephenson introduced the story from the prologue was engaging. The profound description of the book's characters enthralled me. I liked Paul as a character even though he was dead. He seemed like an intelligent, brave, and tactical person

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