Charles Langham
Self-made Billionaire turned philanthropist. A formidable figure, the middle fifties, six-foot slim frame with lightly tanned skin, slightly greying hair, compassionate deep brown eyes, and clean-shaven face. For formal events dresses in an impeccable casual Saville Row tailored suit with a crisp white shirt open at the collar or informal occasions shorts or slack and a plain t-shirt. Except for his wedding ring and watch, he shuns jewelry. Charles Is a person with Multiple Sclerosis that causes mental and physical fatigue.

Anne Langham
Married to Charles and helped in reshaping the business empire into the environmental conservation organization it is today. Her style is free and easy with a "who cares what people think" attitude. Fair skin, hazel eyes, make-up free. A slim frame and dark hair with a hint of grey giving her a homely look. Happy and free to take over control when Charles is unable to. Heads the Amazon Rain Forest Projects.

Cathy Langham - Daughter to Charles and Anne
Tall and tanned with flowing blonde hair.

Chris Langham - Son to Charles and Anne
Short blonde hair, tanned, tall, and muscular

Abigail - Border Collie
Cathy's Border Collie who regularly spends time with Charles and Anne.

Max - Charles's right-hand man
Medium build, the middle forties, short-cropped black hair, his dark eyes hide a ruthless past. Very much a "Ladies Man". A man about town who knows things and has been places others would rather not know about. Main duties, Chauffeur, helicopter pilot, personal assistant to Charles.

John Whitcome - Captain of Sundancer.
An intensely serious, tall, well-built man, age fifty, black hair with a tint of grey. Always impeccably dressed according to the weather and dress code in one of three styles, official white tailored uniform, white slacks or blue shorts, and white shirt with epaulets on the shoulders. Runs the bridge strictly to navy standards

Martin Deeks - Sundancer Technical officer

Franklin - Sundancer First officer

Miles Channing - Sundancer Security Chief
Ex SAS. Over six feet tall, Well built, all muscle, short-cropped hair.

Ralph Cohen - Sundancer Surveillance Security Officer
Second in command to Miles Channing. Ex-British Army,  well-built of medium height.

Marge - Deep Sea Sensor Team Leader
Her curly auburn hair matches her dark tanned complexion. She is a highly respected and liked member amongst the permanent Deep Sea staff. Usually of a quiet demeanor until something serious happens.

Jane - Deep Sea Group Leader
Slim blonde with a plethora of degrees in marine science and many publications; to some people, she comes across as blunt, and to those who knew her, it is just her passion for marine creatures coming across.

Keith Pritchard – Kermadec base worldwide operations manager for Charles Langham

James Young – Kermadec base Operations Manager
Ex drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Given a big chance by Charles. Quick thinker with a finger on the pulse, rose through the ranks quickly.

Bruce - Submersible pilot.
A small stout man with a trim beard

Mike Holdsworth – Jupiter Captain

Lisa - Mercury second in command
Long hair usually clipped up in a bun

Jorge Silvia - Federal representative
Small man, shabby dresser. His tie usually found an inch below his collar. A ready smile on his face.

Reoccurring characters through the series

Gustav Axmann - Drug lord and leader of the Fourth Reich
A tall elderly man, hunched, thick glasses, receding hairline of fair hair is far more grey than fair and thick eyebrows emphasizing gaunt brown eyes. Drinks Schnapps. Wears double-breasted suits and fancy waistcoats. Gold pocket watch. Member of Hitler elite.Clive Harris - U.S.A Defence Secretary
A tall, silver-haired man in a grey striped suit

Glenn Haines - CIA Director
A large and imposing man in his late fifties with a spattering of grey in his fair hair. He has a knack of remaining cool when all around him others would be gravely concerned. Divorced, broke and big spender.

William Paige - Military Advisor to the President

Duke Warren - White House aide to the President. (Defects to Charles)
Tall and keeps his hair very close cut, near bald

Thomas - US Presidents Special Intelligence Agent
Ex-Navy Seal. A bull of a man, having dark but clean features, shortly cut black hair swept back neatly, piercing blue eyes and muscles bulging beneath a tailored black suit. A low hoarse voice through smoking too much.Connor - Second in command for Thomas

Ryan O'Hare - Presidential Chief of Staff
Tall and broad frame resplendent in a black suit, white shirt, striped tie, and black sunglasses. An all-American guy who will do anything for his country that is above board and legal.

Mike Read - United States of American President
Controlling, haggard face, the habit of prowling the Oval office like a wolf, during meetings. Expects people to jump, megalomaniacal, past alcohol issue

Christopher Johnson - Vice President
Immaculate dresser, purist, quite religious, and honest. Voice of reason who listens to facts, not rumors and conjecture.

Alex Boyed - Commanding Officer USS Eisenhower

Steve Henson - XO USS Eisenhower

Gregory Adam - Chief of naval command to the President

Jeannette Rouse - White House legal counsel

Dennis Jarret - Leader of the House of Representatives

John Easton - Director of the White House Military Office

Helen Stark - President National security advisor

The British Ambassador.
Civil Service three-piece suit with college tie, balding patch showing amongst his grey hair.