Bunnie the Bunny Series

Two very photogenic Dutch Rabbits caught in actual true poses. These wonderful children's books follow two Dutch bunny rabbits as they arrive as babies to live in their new home with human owners, who they call servants.

Bunnie the Bunny

The first book in the Bunnie the Bunny series. Bunnie is a female Dutch rabbit who lives with her brother.  This lovely, enduring story tells the story of how they arrive at the home of their new, human family who they call servants, and enjoy their lives together.

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Bunnie and BugsyBunnie and Bugsy

The second book in the Bunnie the Bunny series. Using real-life photographs, this is the continuing true story based on the daily lives of two rabbits who live in their owner’s home and are allowed freedom of the house and rear garden. This is bunny heaven! 

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