The Langham Family Characters in the Adult Fiction Environmental Crime series

Charles Langham
Born to a New Zealand father and English mother, Charles attended a private grammar school in London, England. Attaining reasonable grades, Charles started working for a small technology company and pushed himself hard

by attending evening classes in Business Studies. He left to start his own small technology import company which grew and over time became a medium-sized player in the technology field. The company continued to grow and expanded globally and remained privately owned.  During the acquisition of another company he met Anne and within a year they married and moved the company headquarters to New Zealand.  At the age of forty-nine years, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Dismayed at the ecological and environmental impact of man on the environment and lack of political will to turn the tide, Charles and Anne decided to sell all their business empire and from the proceeds do whatever they could to negate or reverse the effects of man's destruction.  Charles commissioned Sundancer, followed by the Kermadec Headquarter and Launch One. Charles in the novel The Pacific Affair, is in his middle fifties, six-foot slim frame with lightly tanned skin, slightly greying hair, compassionate deep brown eyes and in public at least, a clean-shaven face. For formal events, Charles invariably dresses in an impeccable casual Saville Row tailored suit with a crisp cotton shirt open at the collar or informal occasion's shorts or slacks and a plain t-shirt. Except for his wedding ring and watch, he shuns jewellry. 


Anne Langham
Daughter of a Welsh father and English mother with French roots. Instrumental in reshaping the business empire into the environmental conservation organization it is today. Her style is free and easy with a who cares what people think attitude. Anne stands five feet eight inches tall, slim build, fair skin, hazel eyes and except for special occasions is make up free. Her dark hair with a hint of grey gives her a homely look. Confident and happy to take over control when Charles is unable to. Anne in the novel 
The Pacific Affair is in her late fifties. Anne is the project champion for the Amazon Rain Forest Projects.

Cathy Langham 
Eldest of the two children.  Tall and tanned with flowing blonde hair. 


Chris Langham
Youngest of the two children. Short blonde hair, tanned, tall and muscular


Abigail Langham
Cathy's Border Collie who regularly spends time with Charles and Anne.



Although Max is not related to the Langham family, he is treated as a close family member.  He is, without a doubt, Charles's right-hand man.  Max is of medium build in his middle forties with short-cropped black hair, his dark eyes hide a ruthless past. Very much a ladies man and a man about town who knows things and has been to places others would rather not know about.  His main duties cover being a chauffeur, a helicopter pilot and a personal assistant to Charles and Anne. Max has a soft side and is godfather to Cathy and Chris whom he treats as though they are his own children.