The Caribbean Affair - Finished !

The manuscript for Book three in the Charles Langham series of novels, The Caribbean Affair is now complete and with Gilbert Literary Agency. Charlotte Amalie, what a beautiful location for some deadly scenes to play out.

Charlotte Amelie

The Pacific affair continues to sell and be well received by all who have read the novel.

One reviewer of The Pacific Affair stated. "I love a good political thriller and enjoyed this book. The concept was fun and I could picture it on the big screen. I really enjoyed the concept in The Pacific Affair. Given the state of the environment and the seeming inability of the world's governments to tackle the issues in a timely manner, I thought the story was intriguing. I loved that the whole Langham family was involved in the story, and that Charles built an organization where so many people were able to dedicate themselves to the cause. The writing was a little stiff and while the tale is suspenseful, it was hard, at times, to believe Charles Langham's luck in always staying a step ahead of the forces working against him. I greatly appreciated the discussion about man's role in both harming and also helping to save the earth. It's great food for thought. And the attention to detail, whether in descriptions of the amazing vehicles involved in the story or the political entities involved made the whole story more believable.”

The Atlantic affair which starts of with a bang is gaining traction and have some rave reviews!

The Atlantic Affair

Reviews of The Atlantic Affair have been astounding: Midwest book reviews. "An original, impressively crafted, and compelling read from beginning to end, the Atlantic Affair" is the second title in the author Gary Paul Stephenson's 'Charles Langham Adventure' series that deftly melds Fact and Fiction together to produce a truly riveting novel from beginning to end. While unreservedly recommended, especially for community library Contemporary General Fiction collections" "After reading the first chapter, I was truly hooked – what an opener. You have achieved what I suspect every author yearns for – grab the reader in the first paragraph. I sort of expected a little explosion and felt proud of myself that I could second guess what’s likely to develop but WOW, I didn’t expect such an opener." Amazon review. David. Dec 2017.

Both books are available from Amazon, the book depository amongst many other online stores plus the author himself The Caribbean Affair brings to an end the series and therefore the stories of Charles Langham, his family and also closes a large chapter and multi-year part of my life as the author. Saying goodbye to the Langham family is hard but a new project beckons which will be more mainstream.

Melding fiction, politics, historic fact and true environmental facts and locations has been taxing, required an immense amount of research but saying that it has been fun. Research for each novel has been interesting and a wonderous activity to undertake.

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