Powerful Fiction & Environmental Sustainability Collide – in Gripping, Timely Series

The Angel Strikes: Powerful Fiction & Environmental Sustainability Collide – in Gripping, Timely Series

Meticulously researched and masterfully crafted by Gary Paul Stephenson, the first two volumes in the ‘Charles Langham’ series follow the exploits of an environmental outlaw who will stop at nothing, even if it means defeating and destroying world powers, to save his planet from needless destruction. Both ‘The Pacific Affair’ and ‘The Atlantic Affair’ are the product of hundreds of hours of research into the environment. In fact, one critic recently wrote, “Political and environmental issues… sounds difficult topic to read, but this book was great! Easy to read and understand. Can’t wait the next adventure of Charles Langham!".


Gary Stephenson

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Author is based in New Zealand

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United Kingdom – While most authors craft fiction to give their readers nothing more than a quick thrill, Gary Paul Stephenson has a radically different mandate. His goal, with every word he writes, is to help his readers create a better, more sustainable world.

His vehicle is interesting to say the very least – a compelling, gripping series of fiction. Volumes one and two of the ‘Charles Langham’ series are already on the market, fusing an epic David and Goliath-style battle with a vital message about environmental preservation.


‘The Pacific Affair’ - Charles Langham becomes the United States most wanted man. Following a presentation to the United Nations, United States President Read despatches an aircraft carrier to locate and eliminate Charles Langham. The chase is on and tensions increase when the Unites States Aircraft carrier is becalmed at sea. President Read orders his private army to remove Langham from the equation permanently. Langham stands against the might of a nation and uncovers the sinister forces pulling its strings.

Charles Langham becomes America's most wanted man. Billionaire eco-philanthropist Charles Langham see's that the world is in crisis. That we live in a world where greed turns the wheels of state. A world where environmental concerns take a back seat to the vast machine of global commerce. A world where every day a 100 plant and animal species are lost to deforestation and 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest are lost daily. A world where 50% of all species will die out in the next 100 years. Charles Langham is determined to change that.

Charles Langham implores the United Nations General Assembly to take a more active role in combating famine and the deforestation of rain forests, reversing extinction rates, and promoting alternative fuels.

But this environmental plea has teeth. Langham gives the U.N. one week to comply, or he will force their hand.

Anne Langham is attacked at their Amazon reforestation project by former employees of the unscrupulous lumber company they purchased the destroyed land from.

United States President Mike Read, declaring Langham an eco-terrorist, has found the excuse he needs to remove Langham from the equation, permanently. In an attempt to secure his own political future and keep his plans secret, President Read despatches an Aircraft carrier to track Langham down. When the Aircraft carrier inexplicably becomes becalmed at sea, he sends his private army to eliminate Langham permanently. The chase in on, the thrilling adventure begins. Charles Langham must stand against the might of a nation, and uncover whatever sinister forces pull its strings from the worlds near past of the 1940's.

‘The Atlantic Affair’ - A loner receives instruction to collect a newly imported car and drive it to a specific street by a certain time with very precise instructions on initiating the car alarm. He follows them exactly. His last ever act. The British Prime Minister activates the Cobra room and initiates martial law. United States President Johnson sends aid in the form of two aircraft carriers plus his Presidential army headed by Thomas. After their first Sumatran tiger release, Langham and his group are attacked by paramilitaries with worrying consequences. Axmann transfers from his submarine to a freighter, taking his sinister package with him and heads up the St Lawrence Seaway and makes his way to Yellowstone National Park.............

“My goal, while of course retaining all the hallmarks of gripping fiction that readers crave, is to spread a very important message about the raw, true state of our planet,” explains the author. “It’s something I’ve researched and been passionate about since I was a kid, and the worrying place our world is in deserves to be told to the masses.”

Continuing, “The narratives draw often-ignored links between geopolitics, big business and an innate lack of care for the environment. It’s my hope readers will learn a thing or two and become empowered to affect bold change.”

Early reviews have been impressive. For example, Jen Longshaw comments, “Gary Paul Stephenson takes the reader through a roller coaster of adventures and touches on subjects the global community are currently faced with. Climate change, political corruption and greed are in the headlines right now but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a real life Charles Langham sailing the world in his super yacht to save us.”

Evelyn Mok adds, “The author has made great efforts, and successfully, to bring one's attention to the urgency of saving the earth and protecting and saving the livelihood of all living beings. The plot and dialogue is intriguing, effectively juxtaposing the dark side of humanity, politics and greed with compassion, camaraderie and philanthropy.”

Both volumes are available now:

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About the Author:

Gary has always had a love of the environment learning how to grow plants and vegetables organically from a very young age under the tutelage of his father's gardener. Being bought up around family dogs and his own pet Dutch rabbit engendered an ongoing love of animals. The turbulent British political scene during the 1980's saw his interest rise in politics. During these early years, he started to write his first novel and many poems. Pressures of work, a growing family and increased worldwide travel for international companies saw his writing put aside and time at home spent with family and long country walks with wife and Border collie.

A holiday to see the land of his father led the family to take up permanent residence in New Zealand. Following the life-changing diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Gary once again took to writing as a way of keeping his mind active and undertook a creative writing course to hone his skills which he passed with distinction. With his love of the environment and interest in the short term view of politicians, The Charles Langham Series was born.

Gary is married with 3 children and a grandson. Favourite pastimes include travel, wine making, propagating shrubs, growing vegetables and looking after two mischievous Dutch house rabbits.

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