Can Langham beat the politicians

We live in a world in crisis. A world where greed turns the wheels of the state. A world where environmental concerns take a back seat to the vast machine of global commerce. Eco-philanthropist Charles Langham is determined to change that and will stand against the might of nations and uncover the sinister forces pulling their strings. The United States President calling Langham an eco-terrorist has finally found a way of removing Langham from the equation permanently, sending his private army to assassinate Langham. Langham is determined to save the world from the environmental disaster it is heading towards at an increasingly alarming rate using his high tech organisation to regenerate Rainforests and reverse extinction rates. Money, politics, oil, palm oil and big international companies, who have a vested interested in ensuring he does not succeed, do whatever they can to remove him from the scene to ensure their power continues to dominate and the money continues to flow.

Following a presentation to the United Nations demanding actions, Charles Langham faces the vested interests of political institutions and multinational organizations who combine to try and stop Langham and his team righting the wrongs that we all wish we could fix.

Unbeknownst to Langham, a bigger challenge than the United State President is waiting for him from the world troubled past of the 1940's, the fourth Reich.