Another 5 star review for The Pacific Affair

This is a book I found filled with intrigue, mystery, danger and suspense whilst having a very important message linked into the book. Charles Langham lives on a yacht. He is mega rich but isn't selfish with his wealth giving lots to environmental causes. Charles tells the UN of his findings with endangered animals and marine life and deforestation but the UN fail to listen . He threatens the UN that if they don't act then he will but they retaliate by sending out a US ship to attack his yacht. Charles threatens to create two tsunamis on the US but he is now on a hitlist and has to take action before the men sent to kill him can complete their mission. He has to show the world that climate change is important and is important NOW. The author sets the scene well and although this is a novel I found he carries the topic of climate change very well as it is all too relevant in this day and age. I found this to be a really good novel and the author makes you think about the impact we all have on the world today

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