Pest control to save native flora and fauna - the real truth.

Pest eradication in New Zealand and Australia carried out by their respective governments under the guise of saving native flora and fauna is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover up the real intent, to satisfy the Farming and Fisheries lobby groups to make more money.

Not only does this practice kill the targeted species inhumanely, it also kills many native species in the same inhumane manner.

If the real intent was to save native flora and fauna, trawling would be banned in Maui and Hector dolphin areas. Fish farming would be severely restricted and not allowed to expand and destroy the surrounding sea bed. 1080 would be banned to ensure no native species were harmed, Cats which kill millions of native birds, weka and gecko's would be severely controlled. Dairy farms would be reduced to stop the compaction of the land and destruction of native plants that are removed during their set up and all cattle, dairy farmers would be required to ensure no run of into waterways. Forests would be allowed to thrive without fear of clearing for lumber and mining. Animal welfare would not come under Ministry of Primary Industries whose main interest is expanding the farming and fisheries industries and exports at the expense of the countries environment as a whole. If Animal Welfare were separated from Ministry Of Primary Industries - humane pest control methods would be used and no native flora and fauna would be harmed. Fisheries and Farmers would be properly and legally held to account for any deaths they caused to native and endagered species.