Latest Review of The Pacific Affair

The Pacific Affair - A Charles Langham Novel by Gary P Stephenson has received another stunning review. By Jen Longshaw on October 4 2016 Charles Langham, billionaire and environmentalist, is trying to save the world from its certain extinction through climate change. Helped by a team of highly qualified eco warriors such as himself he soon comes up against one of his greatest adversaries- the morally bankrupt President of the United States. The first novel in an ongoing series “The Pacific Affair” by Gary Paul Stephenson takes the reader through a roller coaster of adventures and touches on subjects the global community are currently faced with. Climate change, political corruption and greed are in the headlines right now but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a real life Charles Langham sailing the world in his super yacht to save us.Although improbable in parts this novel would translate well to film. Although it does fit in an action genre the book's hero is in fact suffering from multiple sclerosis so his engagement with the villains of the piece are intellectual and technological making a nice change from the usual cliched fight scenes. A good piece of escapism.

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