Another Great Review of The Pacific Affair

The Pacific Affair by Gary Paul Stephenson Loved It!! Easy to read with suspense and action, danger and murder along the way. The two main characters are Charles Langham and the President of the United States. Charles lives on a supper yacht. A billionaire who dedicates him money and time for environmental issues. Deforestation, endangered animals and marine like. Feminine and other issues like the drug barons in Brazil. Charles takes on the UN, world leaders, and the president of the USA and uncovers a lot more than he expected. It’s fictional but underlying the story is true facts facing the plant at this time. How World leader can make the commitment to save the world. The first chapter really draws you and makes you want to read more. The more I read the more it was harder to put down as it takes you from one adventure to another. My only small criticism for me, is that there was a little too much dialogue between the characters in the first part of the book. But I understand that the Author was trying to set the scene. The book was well thought out and well written I can’t wait for the next instalment of “The Atlantic Affair” review by maureen skilton