The Pacific Affair Receives yet another great review

Author Gary Paul Stephenson receives yet another great review for The Pacific Affair - A Charles Langham Novel.

24 August 2016. Amazon 4* I just read A Pacific Affair . I love a good political thriller and enjoyed this book. The concept was fun and I could picture it on the big screen. I really enjoyed the concept in The Pacific Affair. Given the state of the environment and the seeming inability of the world's governments to tackle the issues in a timely manner, I thought the story was intriguing. I loved that the whole Langham family was involved in the story, and that Charles built an organization where so many people were able to dedicate themselves to the cause. The writing was a little stiff and while the tale is suspenseful, it was hard, at times, to believe Charles Langham's luck in always staying a step ahead of the forces working against him. I greatly appreciated the discussion about man's role in both harming and also helping to save the earth. It's great food for thought. And the attention to detail, whether in descriptions of the amazing vehicles involved in the story or the political entities involved made the whole story more believable.

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