Gilbert Literary Agency:  Our Author,  Gary Paul Stephenson 

What can I say about our Author, other than what a privilege it was for us to work with him.  Ever patient, considerate and always optimistic in the challenges we set before him, he never uttered one complaint or that anything was too fiddly or too much to bother with.  Gary and his lovely wife deserve the best in life that is on offer, and hopefully we can be instrumental in seeing Gary’s  books to films.  The subject matter on which the books in the Charles Langham series and stories are based embraces the concerns we are all much familiar with these days, and well handled by the author and his appealing style of writing makes for thrilling and exciting well moving stories which promises to provoke every discerning reader.   The topics the Author tries to bring to discerning readership are so much on our world agenda these days, and the urgent times in which we must live  on this delicate and diverse planet of ours.


Born in London, England to a New Zealand father and English mother, Gary thoroughly enjoyed weekends away on his father’s boat on the river Thames and South of France.  He moved out of London, preferring the peace and quiet and openness of the countryside.  Owning a Border collie called Abigail ensured many long family walks no matter what the fickle English weather decided to do. Finding Elderflower trees started a love of winemaking and plums and Blackberries resulted in homemade jams.  A move north to Cumbria and the Lake District saw the family exploring the hills, lakes and coastal walks.  A move back south to Cheshire saw the west coast being explored.  A holiday to see the land where his father was born resulted in a move to New Zealand where favourite pastimes include wine making, gardening, propagating shrubs, growing vegetables and looking after two mischievous Dutch house rabbits.

Before becoming a full time author, Gary spent his professional career in supply chain management rising through the ranks of major international electronics companies. The profession saw him travelling extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, America and the Far East where he still has many good friends. Taking a U.K based roll gave him the time to see his children grow up and finally enjoy travelling for pleasure. 

With the devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Gary took to writing as a way of keeping his mind active. All the books are based on an environmental and conservation theme, a subject close to his heart. The research required for each book broadens the mind and the books take on a life of their own. Writing and Multiple Sclerosis are a good match. When cognitive fatigue sets in, with writing, you can stop and rest but allow your imagination to carry on.  

Presently, Gary is working on the screenplay adaptation of the first book in The Charles Langham Series – The Pacific Affair and planning the third book in the series – The Caribbean Affair.

Gary is married with 3 children and a grandson. Two moved to New Zealand and one remains in England.