After reading the first chapter, I was truly hooked – what an opener.  You have achieved what I suspect every author yearns for – grab the reader in the first paragraph.  I sort of expected a little explosion and felt proud of myself that I could second guess what’s likely to develop but WOW, I didn’t expect such an opener. Amazon review. David. Dec 2017.

The Atlantic Affair

The second novel in the Charles Langham Series
A loner receives instructions to collect a newly imported car and drive it to a specific street by a certain time with very precise instructions on initiating the cars alarm. He follows them exactly. His last ever act. The British Prime Minister activates the Cobra room and initiates martial law. United States President Johnson sends aid in the form of two aircraft carriers plus his Presidential army headed by Thomas.   After their first Sumatran tiger release, Langham and his group are attacked by paramilitaries with worrying consequences.  Axmann transfers from his submarine to a freighter, taking his sinister package with him and heads up the St Lawrence Seaway and makes his way to Yellowstone National Park………….

Available in New Zealand from:

Paperback –  ISBN-10: 0994144687ISBN-13: 978-0994144683
Hardcover -  ISBN-10: 0994144679ISBN-13: 978-0994144676
e Pub        -  eISBN 978-0-9941446-6-9 ePub
Video Book trailer coming soon
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